Dorsoduro 750 Fully Adjustable Kickstand Side Stand & Lowering Link Combo Kit

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Dorsoduro 750 Fully Adjustable Kickstand Side Stand & Lowering Link Combo Kit
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Billet Fully Adjustable Kickstand Side Stand

Our Dorsoduro 750 (All years) Billet Fully Adjustable Kickstand Side Stand lowering kickstands use stainless steel hardware and are CNC machined from SOLID ALUMINUM. They are capable of stock length to 3 inches shorter and are the strongest, best looking on the market today! There are a number of adjustments to choose from, simply loosen the lock screws and set it to your desired ride height. Dont use a cheap kickstand and take the chance of your bike laying on its side!

We've designed the foot area of the kickstand with a radius that allows the user to fine-tune their desired lean angle. This product is a great companion for our lowering kits.

Keep in mind if your motorcycle is lowered, the frame will be closer to the ground. The kickstand is mounted to the frame and will need to be shortened to retain the lean angle the bike needs to keep from tipping over.

This is a direct bolt-on item. Simply remove your stock kickstand, replace with ours, adjust and ride! Uses the stock kickstand spring and safety switch.

*NOTE* PICTURES ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY* You will receive correct kickstand for your application.

Lowering Link Kit

This will fit all years Aprilia Dorsoduro 750.

Includes lowering link and new mounting hardware.

CNC'd from solid aluminum, this lowering link mounts between the shock and the swingarm and will lower the tail of the bike 1 1/4 inches. This is perfect for anyone who needs just a little more of their feet touching the ground at intersections and on slopes. Also great for that "lowered stance" look.

Installation is a snap:

  • Support the tail of the bike.
  • Remove the lower rear shock mounting bolt.
  • Install our lowering link on the swingarm.
  • Reconnect rear shock to lowering link with provided bolt and nut.