About Our Competition


Most of the adjustable lowering links on the market are NOT the threaded style. ------ >> What this means is: to make an adjustment, the bike still requires supporting the rear end AGAIN, removing the link mounting bolts AGAIN, adjusting the link AGAIN, then reinstalling AGAIN, only to hope you have acheived your desired ride height.


< simple as turning the center hex body! Turn 1 way for raising and opposite for lowering. We're saving you precious time and money, that should be spent enjoying your bike not wrenching on it !!!




"Got 'em and love 'em. I drag race dropped and do track days at stock height in the same weekend with very little effort. Not to mention, I drop it 1/2 to 1" from stock for around town to tame the front end down and help with my short inseam. The Soupy's links are the most useful thing I've done to the bike."