Double Style Lowering Links


    • DO NOT adjust links prior to installation. The links are pre-set to identical lengths.
    • Left hand threads are designated by notches on the center hex body.
    • Use Red Loctite on all threads.
    • The maximum hole center-to-center length of these links is equal to the length of the center hex body + 3 ½ inches. DO NOT EXCEED THIS LENGTH!

1. Remove current links (dogbones).
2. Install Soupy’s Lowering Links with the flat side of the ends facing in, noting the following:

      • Kawasaki ZX14 uses provided aluminum spacers and longer bolt on bottom, front link mount.
      • ‘86-‘07 Ninja 250 use (2) provided steel spacers behind each lower link mount.

3. Tighten lowering link mounting bolts and nuts.
4. Inspect bike height; adjust as desired (not to exceed the maximum link length). Be sure to adjust each link equally and in the same direction.
5. Apply Loctite and tighten link locknuts.