Adjustable Lowering Links

2019 ZX6R Lowering Link

Got a too-tall Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R? Get a ZX6R lowering link set that is fully adjustable. Soupy’s Performance lowering links are CNC machined from solid aluminum, made right here in the USA.

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Kawasaki’s Ninja has been its flagship series for decades, and the 2019 ZX-6R packs some beefy upgrades. The 2019 Ninja features improved acceleration with a one-tooth smaller countershaft sprocket and an electronic quickshifter. The body of the 2019 ZX-6R is a better match for the iconic aesthetic of the Ninja than the previous few years, while still remaining trendy.

The Ninja is a good-looking bike, but you won’t come off as a smooth rider if you’re awkwardly hopping to climb aboard or nearly falling over on your dismount. Ride smooth with a bike that just fits. A motorbike that's just the right height means you can jump aboard, dismount, and ride with maximum moxie.

Soupy’s ZX-6R lowering links made for Kawasaki fit every model from 2013-2020, including the 2019 ZX-6R.

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Why Choose Soupy's Lowering Links

Infinitely Adjustable

Other lowering links require massive amounts of effort to adjust—but ours adjust with the turn of a wrench

Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel

Other lowering links are made from aluminum, which wears down quickly and can break while you’re on the road

Made in the USA

Top-quality parts from a family-owned and operated business mean you’re supporting your home country

Fastest Shipping

Because we ship from in-country and work closely with our shipping providers, our products get there far faster

The safest, highest quality lowering links on the market

Our turnbuckle-style lowering links are NOT aluminum, but zinc plated steel or stainless steel. It’s critical that we manufacture these links out of stainless steel, not aluminum, since aluminum links have a short lifespan and are extremely dangerous. The ends of our lowering links are black oxidized steel, not aluminum, and contain a 1/2" thread. We manufacture these lowering links ourselves in the US, which is why we can provide them at such a low cost!

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How to use a set of lowering links

Lowering links compress the suspension on your motorcycle, reducing the bike's maximum suspension length and lowering the bike below stock height. Lowering links are sold in pairs and are easy to install. All you have to do is attach the lowering links to the left and right of the back of your bike and screw them tight. Then, adjust as you need to!

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