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Adjustable Motorcycle Lowering Links & Adjustable Kickstands

A great product, made by the people who love a great ride

We are sport bike fanatics and have been riding for years. This passion has evolved into a family based business. We needed fully adjustable lowering links for a Hayabusa that were SAFE, RELIABLE, EASY TO INSTALL, EASY TO ADJUST, and of course WELL PRICED. After a lengthy search, we found nothing fitting the bill. That's why we now design, manufacture, assemble and ship all of our own products, which is why we can offer them at such a great price!

Lowering Kits Find My Height

For a little over a hundred dollars, I have a way to adjust my ride I didn't have before. So far it has not affected a passenger being able to ride with me as well and their claim it doesn't holds true. This part is by far better than the others sold here or ebay. I have tried 3 others with bad results.


Parts fit very well. Lowered my bike perfectly. I love the new look. Would recommend this kit to anyone looking to lower their bike.

Mark D

Made my brp finally short enough for me to man handle. I now have a lot more confidence when riding. Super easy to install must buy for short guys like me 5'8.

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Providing 100% adjustable, lowering links

Most of the adjustable lowering links on the market are NOT the threaded style. This means to make an adjustment, the bike still requires you to support the rear end AGAIN, remove the link mounting bolts AGAIN, adjust the link AGAIN, and reinstall AGAIN, only to hope you have acheived your desired ride height.

With Soupy's, adjusting is as simple as turning the center hex body! Turn one way for raising and the opposite for lowering. We're saving you precious time and money—that should be spent enjoying your bike, not wrenching on it!

Lowering Kits Find My Height